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Research projects


  • „Effectiveness of educational and intervention programs for preventing and compensating the consequences of poverty and migration. A multinational meta-analysis of systematic evaluation research.“
  • Funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Andreas Beelmann, Sabrina Maichrowitz & Sebastian Schulz

Promoting intergroup relations in children: Development and systematic evaluation of a multimodal social-cognitive training program to prevent prejudice and discrimination in elementary school children (DFG-Project)

  • Michael Saur, Diana Schulze, Petra Ziegler & Andreas Beelmann

Effectiveness of Interventions to Promote Intergroup Relations in Children and Adolescents:   A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Controlled Evaluation Research (DFG-Project)

  • Andreas Beelmann

Meta-Analysis of Parent-Training-Programmes

  • Andreas Beelmann

Meta-Analysis of Social Skills Training

  • Andreas Beelmann & Friedrich Lösel

Meta-Analysis of Prevention Programmes in Children and Adolescents

  • Andreas Beelmann & Maximilian Pfost

Development of Prejudice in Childhood and Adolescence (Meta-Analysis)

  • Tobias Raabe & Andreas Beelmann

Erlangen-Nuremberg Development and Prevention Study

  • Friedrich Lösel, Andreas Beelmann, Stefanie Jaursch & Mark Stemmler